New Location in West Sacramento

readyHighlands consolidated their campuses throughout West Sacramento into one main campus this last week. The campus has been brought to light through a partnership with Holy Cross Church. The campus is located at 800 Todhunter Avenue.

The beauty of bringing several campuses into one larger campus is that more resources can be provided to our students.

For instance, Playcare services are now being provided to children of our students at Holy Cross. Playcare will be headed by Carrie Casillas and taught by teachers Amber Banks and Elizabeth Muñiz, who were previously students of Highlands themselves.

The high school program will be taught by Manny Casillas, and the ELD program will be taught by Tannaz Tabatabaei and Justin Kyles.

Manny, Carrie, Amber, Elizabeth, and several student volunteers spent their weekend getting the place all spick and span – ready for today’s influx of new students. We look forward to watching this campus grow and thrive!