Patty DeLaney

Registrar Patty
Patty’s path into Highlands Community Charter School was serendipitous in the most bittersweet of ways.

“I had worked in the Twin Rivers School District for almost 36 years and then I kind of got pushed out – I took a golden handshake,” Patty said. “Three weeks after my retirement, I found out my husband had Parkinson’s and, a few months later, Connie called me and asked for me to come help here at Highlands.”

Connie, the Assistant to the Board, also used to work for the Twin Rivers School District, and reached out to her for help in Patty’s field of expertise: transcript evaluations.

So, in the midst of Patty’s apprehension about retirement and the upsetting news about her husband’s condition, she received an invitation from an old colleague to join a new and thriving organization.

This not only silenced her apprehension about retirement, but also quieted her worries about medical insurance for her husband.

“When I retired people kept saying, ‘Patty what are you doing to do?’ And I said well, ‘I don’t know…'” she explained, “But this kind of answered that for me.”

Even after coming out of retirement, one full-time job is not enough for Patty. She also works during the weekends at Target, and makes custom cakes out of her home.

“Well, I have just always worked at Target in some capacity for 16 years,” she said. “And I have been interested in baking since high school.”

In fact, Patty once had aspirations to open her own bakery, thanks to an introductory high school cake decorating class which sparked her interest in the creativity of the art.

Although she never opened her own bakery, she did get her Associate Degree in Food Management, and went on to experiment with different bakery and restaurant work. She worked in a daycare kitchen, at a bakery, and ended in a cafeteria with the Twin Rivers School District.

Little did she know, her time in the foodservice industry was coming to an end as jobs within the district began to open up and become available to her. These jobs included teacher’s aid, career center technician, and, eventually, registrar. While her dreams had always been in food management, she quickly found success in the office environment and jumped at the opportunity.

Now Patty can be seen in the back corner of our main office, with a giant grin, filing papers and chatting with Connie.

You may cross paths with her if you either need your transcripts evaluated. Regardless of the reason, you will be pleased to meet her cheerful and upbeat disposition.