Playcare is available, at no cost, to the children of Highlands students. We provide these services so that our students can focus on their studies. Knowing their children are in good hands and nearby puts our students at ease. Children must be potty-trained, have all of their immunizations up-to-date, and be non-school age.

In our Playcare at Highlands, students are encouraged to learn through play, and curriculum is incorporated into play every day. Likewise, students who have only recently moved to the United States are taught English through play. Playcare is currently being offered at our Grand Avenue campus, Maple/St. Rose satellite campuses, and Holy Cross campus.

Diane Spence, Early Childhood Education Director, oversees both of these programs and has also developed a Parenting course for those adults interested in learning successful parenting strategies and mechanisms. This class is offered at the Grand Avenue campus and is only available to students who are enrolled in our high school completion program.