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Thanks to our wonderful English Language Development (ELD) teachers, you can apply for your American citizenship today and become an American citizen in only four months. In other words, our Citizenship Program has made the naturalization process a whole lot less daunting.

In fact, through our citizenship program, our teachers will submit your application paperwork for you and consult with several immigration employees to ensure that your paperwork and documentation are legal and safe.

We can also offer Russian and Spanish interpreters for the citizenship interviews. Unfortunately, these interpreters are only for a select group of students. These students are people who have lived here for 15 years or more and who are 50 years of age or older. Also, people with a doctor’s note about a mental or physical health condition may be allowed.

Students who wish to enter the program should have an English Language level of Beginner or Intermediate, but not Advanced. Furthermore, if you are below Literacy Level in English then you should take ELD classes with us first to bring you up to that Beginner Level before you start Citizenship Preparation. More specifically, students must have a CASAS score of at least 210 to enroll in this course.

We attribute much of our program’s success to the organizers and teachers who are involved. For example, the program’s founder, Luba Gentry, has never had a student fail their citizenship test in all of her 10 years of instruction.

Luba feels a huge commitment towards getting her students citizenship because of her mother.

Unfortunately, Luba’s mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer and passed away shortly after she had passed her citizenship interview. Unlike her mother, Luba wants her students to reap the benefits of their citizenship long into the future.


“Every student I help pass the citizenship test is for my mother,” Luba said. “She wasn’t able to enjoy her citizenship, but I know that she would want for everyone else to. My mother is, and always will be, my most precious U.S. citizen.”

Please call the main office at 916.844.2283 or the instructor, Luba Gentry, at 916.910.8795 for registration information.