HiSet in Spanish

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Highlands provides two services in regards to the HiSET, which include HiSET Testing and HiSET Preparation Classes in Spanish.

The HiSET is a high school competency test in Spanish, which Spanish speaking students can take to earn credits toward their U.S. high school diploma. While this gives you a head start once you enter the High School Diploma Program, you must also prove that your level of English is high enough to begin studying in the High School Program.

In order to study in the High School Diploma Program you should have a CASAS score of 230 in Reading and 230 in Listening.

If you are interested in HiSET Preparation classes in Spanish please see the enrollment page to find a location that is convenient for you. You cannot take only the HiSET Preparation Course. You must also take English Language Development (ELD) classes at the same time. Most often this means you will take four hours of ELD in the morning and two hours of HiSET Preparation in the afternoon.

If you are only interested in signing up for the HiSET Exam through our testing center here at Highlands, please refer to the schedule to pick a testing day you are interested in, and then call our main office for registration. The price of the test is $140 for non-students and cash is the only acceptable form of payment. The test is no cost for students studying with us.

You must register at HiSET’s website hiset.ets.org and acquire a HiSET Number before you can sign up for a testing date with us.