The Original Graduates of the GSUL

The Greater Sacramento Urban League and Highlands Community Charter School celebrated a momentous day on Thursday as the students affected in the first year of the schools’ partnership received high school diplomas. ...

Bringing Highlands to Low-Income Housing

Highlands Community Charter School partnered up with Treat‘em Like a King (TLK) Foundation on Saturday, August 6, to provide resources to citizens in Marina Vista and Alder Grove communities in downtown Sacramento. The ...

Summer 2016 Graduation

Highlands Community Charter School honored their third class of graduating students Thursday night, where 36 graduates of all ages, 22-62, received their high school diplomas. Standing on the stage to present their diplomas ...

Sheila Well’s Success

Shelia Wells is like many of our students here at Highlands Community Charter School, when she looks back on why she dropped out of high school she cannot remember why. “As an educator, ...

Shamerra Glover and Glenda Richardson’s Success

Shamerra Glover and Glenda Richardson chat together like they have known each other for years, like maybe they are even somehow related to one another. The truth is that Shamerra and Glenda only ...

Stacy Fleming

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