Highlands Students Give Back

Last Friday, Highlands students participated in their first ever Service Learning Day. This day was focused on giving back to our community through some kind of community service. Over 50 students decided to ...

Highlands 5th Graduating Class

Please join us in celebrating our 5th Graduating Class at The O’Club in McClellan Park on June 15th at 7 p.m.

Salena Hansley’s Success

Most people think they know the narrative of “high school dropouts,” and this narrative usually points the finger at the person who didn’t complete their education. In Salena Hansley’s case, the narrative ...

A Supportive Daughter

On Tuesday afternoon, Executive Director Murdock (Doc) Smith noticed a high school age student waiting in the hallway of a building on the main campus. As usual, Doc struck up conversation and ...

Lorraine Cwalina’s Success

Lorraine Cwalina was one of those people that our system let fall through the cracks. She was given a grant for trade school education at a time when regulations were more lenient ...
moms day

Mother’s Day in Playcare

Playcare students surprised their mothers after school on Friday with artwork, flowers, and a few beautiful songs. At first, mothers were walked in and sat down at the tables for the performance ...