Prom Photo Booth

The photos are in from the photo booth set up at prom. Please visit this link to view and download any photos you would like. Enjoy!

Prom Address Clarification

Important Update: The address on your prom tickets is wrong. The Library Galleria is a very large venue so there are multiple entrances. Please use the 9th Street Entrance tonight! If you go ...

Yoselin Simons’ Success

Yoselin Simons thought that she had waited too long. She thought that stepping away from school for 17 years meant a high school diploma was only a dream. “I had almost given ...

Hollywood Nights

The theme has been decided for this year’s prom. The students have spoken and we are going with Hollywood Nights, which will be held at the Library Galleria downtown! We know many of ...

Sustainability at St. Matthews

Highlands ELD teachers at St. Matthews recognized that there were six unused planter boxes alongside their classrooms. Knowing how useful these planter boxes could be to their students, who are all refugees ...

Partnerships Make Us Strong

You know that annoying person in class who always raises their hand and refuses to admit they are wrong even when the teacher tells them so? Well, that is not Highlands. We openly ...