We all have a story…


Diane Spence

Child Development Program Director diane.spence@hccts.org Diane is a child development expert with more than 10 years of successful experience in teaching children and adults what it means to be a high performing human ...

Elke Damesyn

ELD Instructor elke.damesyn@hccts.org

Disa Cameron

Site Administrator disa.cameron@hccts.org

Katrina Tupper

ELD Instructor katrina.tupper@hccts.org Katrina Tupper believes that you can find adventure in everything. Her sense of adventure and gusto in living life, overcoming fears, and making choices is what led her to a ...

Sascha Hayes

Executive Assistant sascha.hayes@hccts.org

Shabana Rahimi

ELD Paraeducator shabana.rahimi@hccts.org Shabana Rahimi was an important hire for Highlands because she speaks five languages and can help to translate for many in our refugee populations escaping war. In fact, the reason Shabana can ...

Colin Knipe

ELD Instructor colin.knipe@hccts.org

Lupe Aguilera

Office Assistant (Clothing Closet) lupe.aguilera@hccts.org Lupe Aguilera spent most of her life making noise so that someone would notice her. As a child, who grew up in a family of 14 siblings, Lupe was ...