It’s Never Too Late to reach your potential, and here, at Highlands, we want to help you do just that.
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Let us help you complete your high school education and earn your high school diploma. You’d be surprised how possible it really is.

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We know that learning a second language can be scary and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be.

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We always have something more to learn, and why not take advantage of those opportunities with us?

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With tuition, childcare, and bus passes at no cost, and at various locations, getting an education has never been easier.

Highlands’ News

Elizabeth Muñiz’s Success

For someone who actually loved high school, Elizabeth Muñiz said finding a high school completion program that worked for her was difficult. “I was going into adult schools and they just weren’t really ...

Sustainability at St. Matthews

Highlands ELD teachers at St. Matthews recognized that there were six unused planter boxes alongside their classrooms. Knowing how useful these planter boxes could be to their students, who are all refugees ...

Highlands Awarded CA State Assembly Recognition

Each year, the California State Assembly recognizes ten individuals for their dedication and contribution to the Russian-speaking community.   Yesterday, at the 8th Annual Russian-Speaking Community Partners Capitol Reception, our Executive Director Murdock ...